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What are Family Services?

Wesley House Family Services offers a variety of support services to families throughout Monroe County.

We offer prevention support and intervention services; these services can be either voluntary or even court-ordered. In all cases the services exist to help keep the family together. Many times the stress caused by everyday life and adverse economic conditions, substance abuse or domestic violence can cause traumas in families that require these preventative services. Wesley House also offers more intense short-term crisis intervention services when these situations become more severe.

Wesley House provides dedicated case management services whenever a report of abuse, neglect or abandonment has been investigated and verified by the Department of Children and Families. Although family preservation and reunification is important, a child's safety is always first and foremost and occasionally a child must be removed from his or her home on a temporary or long-term basis and moved into a relative's care or foster care. Our hope is always to reunite the child with his or her biological family.

Our voluntary, in-home program called Healthy Families-Monroe which offers support services to expectant families and families with newborns encourages stable and nurturing homes and is proven to reduce incidences of child abuse or neglect.

"Nurturing Parenting" classes are offered to enrich and strengthen families. Classes are offered on an on-going basis and most are free of charge.


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