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 Family Counseling Services


Wesley House Family Services help families build a foundation for effective communication by helping parents strengthen their parenting skills, imporve coping strategies and assist in the development of family support systems.

In addition, Wesley House Family Services offers counseling to address safety and risk factors, marital counseling and life skills training, as well as self-management of moods and behaviors.  We provide preventative counseling to lessen the possibility of relapse into unhealthy behavior.

Counseling services are provided on several levels; some are preventative and some are required to ensure the safety of the child.

Full Case Management Services

In Florida, when someone reports possible abuse, neglect or abandonment of a child, an investigation is conducted by the Florida Department of Children and Families.  In Monroe County, if a judge decides the child has been harmed or is at risk of being harmed, the court then turns to Wesley House Family Services to ensure the ongoing safety of the child and to help the family address the issues that put the child in jeapordy.
This service is called "case management."  A dedicated case manager is assigned to each family.  The case manager's job is to check on the child frequently and report to the court on his or her safety and well-being.  The case manager also works closely with the child's parents to develop a personalized plan that identifies, addresses, corrects and prevents repetition of any circumstances which put the child at risk of harm. The intent is to stenghen an preserve the family with the primary goal of protecting the child.
Examples of typical referrals for services set up by the case manager include parenting education programs, mental health evaluation and therapeutic counseling, substance abuse evaluation and treatment, domestic abuse counseling, anger management programs and family therapy.
The case manager reports regularly to the court on the progress the parents are making throughout the case.  Typically, parents are given a one-year period to complete the services needed to eliminate the risk to the child.
Selected by the State of Florida as an exemplary agency, Wesley House has provided these services to more than 300 children in Monroe County each year since assuming the responsibility in 2005. 

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Prevention Counseling and Crisis Intervention

Wesley House Family Services works to support and strengthen struggling families by offering a variety of preventative services to assure the safety of Florida Keys children and improve family function.  The ultimate goal is to build healthier families.
Wesley House offers these services to families in crisis who are at risk of entering the dependency system to promote safety and stability and prevent the need for legal intervention.
Voluntary prevention services include home-based family assessments and counseling; links to other needed community services; communication skills, conflict resolution and anger management training; instruction in appropriate and effective discipline techniques; parenting and life skills training; school intervention and emergency financial assistance.   
Intensive in-home short-term crisis intervention services and on-call support are available in addition to prevention services.
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